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We partnered up with several leading Ad Networks in order to provide you with 99.99% fill rate, and to help you increase your revenue with PurpleAds.

What you should now:

  1. Partner Ads are CPC, not CPM, so even if you get 10K impressions but 0 clicks - you revenue will remain at $0.
  2. The CPM shown in your dashboard is the average CPM based on your revenue.
  3. We show ads from our partners, in case there is no direct ad to show to your visitor(s).
  4. If you want to disable/enable Partner Ads, just follow the instructions:

  1. Go to your PurpleAds Publisher Dashboard
  2. Select your site(s)
  3. Go to "Settings" and enable the option "Show partner ads on this website".
  4. We'll then start showing ads from our verified partners in case PurpleAds has no ad to show on your website.
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