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Adding Ads to your Wordpress Site
Adding Ads to your Wordpress Site

Learn how to monetize your wordpress site with PurpleAds floating and responsive banners

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For the easiest setup, use the PurpleAds Wordpress plugin:

Or, you can install it directly from your WordPress admin dashboard.

1. Search PurpleAds in the Wordpress plugin directory, install and activate it.

2. If you just added your site and it needs to be verified, copy the ID inside the content attribute without the " symbols and paste it in the plugin, if your site is already verified, you can skip this step.

3. Next, you need to add your site token. Go to your PurpleAds dashboard, click on your site > Settings.

4. Copy your Site Token, and paste in the site token field.

5. Activate the ad units you would like to display on the page.

6. Click Save

7. You are done! PurpleAds is now installed on your WordPress website.

Responsive Banner

You can embed display banners anywhere in your page, sidebar, between paragraphs, etc, to do this - see the instructions in the plugin page.
In general we suggest using a plugin like Advanced Ads to easily manage placements in your website.

Common Wordpress Issues

Some Wordpress plugins that help users make their websites more secure or load faster, might cause issues with PurpleAds.

This happens due to the nature of those plugins:

  • blocking "unknown" or external software from sending/receiving data on your website.

  • caching your website and by that causing an old version of it to load, which does not have PurpleAds code added.

The solution is quite simple:

  • If it's a cache plugin - after adding PurpleAds you should refresh or clear the cache.

  • If it's a security plugin - you should whitelist or unblock PurpleAds in the plugin's options.

Here's a (incomplete) list of plugins that are known to cause issues with other plugins:

Simplify your ads.txt management in WordPress with PurpleAds adstxt manager.

Effortlessly handle and update your ads.txt files using our user-friendly plugin.

You can download the plugin directly from the WordPress Plugin Directory here.

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