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Ad Campaign Placements / Formats
Ad Campaign Placements / Formats
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Ad placement includes all advertising spaces offered by publishers to advertisers to display their advertisements. The individual placements have different potential for reaching the users and perform differently when it comes to the type of content chosen for the advertisement.

Available Placements

Floating Banner

Floating banners, A.K.A In-page push ads, are a type of banner ads “dressed” as push notifications. Unlike push ads, in-page push is displayed directly on the publisher’s site, like banner ads in a "sticky" manner. This gives them the high-performance rates push ads have, but without the limitations.

Responsive Banner / Native

Responsive display ads are ads automatically created by PurpleAds using assets that you provide, mostly text and image. PurpleAds automatically adjusts the size, appearance, and format of your assets to fit available ad spaces on the PurpleAds Display Network.

Update Ad Placements

You can set your campaign placements when you create or change your campaign.

New Campaign

While creating a new campaign, you'll be able to toggle which placements you want.

Please keep in mind you must have at least one of the placement active.

Edit a Campaign

You can change your placements at any time by selecting your campaign > "Settings" tab.

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