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Add your website to PurpleAds
Add your website to PurpleAds

Learn how you can add your website to PurpleAds in order to start showing ads

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Adding your website to the PurpleAds network is very easy.

Follow these steps:

1. Visit your publisher dashboard.
2. Click "Add Site"

3. Fill all the required fields.

4. Click "Add Site" in order to finish the process.
5. Once you site was created, you'll need to add a small meta tag to your website <head></head>:

6. Once your domain is verified, we will review your site and let you know if it is accepted or not.

7. If your site has been approved, you'll be able to see the dashboard, available ad units etc.

Next you need to add the PurpleAds code to your website to start showing ads:

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