Ads.txt is an initiative developed by the IAB Tech Lab, aimed at combating certain types of ad fraud, mainly domain spoofing and illegitimate inventory arbitrage, and providing transparency in what is a highly opaque industry.

First, a publisher adds an ads.txt file containing information about all the programmatic partners (supply-side platforms, ad exchanges, ad networks, etc.) that they work with to their web server and hosts it under their root domain.

You can manually check to see if a website has an ads.txt file and view its contents by adding /ads.txt to the end of the root domain, e.g.

PurpleAds Ads.txt Lines

Your account's ads.txt lines can be found in your Publisher Dashboard.

We strongly recommend that you update your ads.txt file.

Verifying your inventory will help us deliver the highest quality ads for your readers, and also ensure trust and transparency with both advertising buyers and sellers.

  1. Copy the following lines.

  2. If you already have an existing ads.txt file, just paste the following lines into your file and save.

  3. If not, create a new TXT file, paste the lines and save the file with the name "ads.txt".

  4. Upload it to the root of your domain e.g.

  5. If you are using Wordpress, there are many plugins that can do the job for you, search for ads.txt in the plugins page, or see this video.

  6. Make sure the file is accessible under your domain, e.g.

  7. For any help, please reach out to the support team via the live chat.

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