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Why was my ad rejected?

Learn why your ad got rejected and how to resubmit for review

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Without exception, all advertisers must follow our guidelines and policies.

Common rejection reasons

  • Adult campaigns / creatives. Campaigns with material not suitable for children are forbidden.

  • Landing page or product offered contains malware. Will result in account suspension and closure if found after initial approval!

  • Landing page / creatives contain or promote an illegal or banned product. We don’t accept campaigns or ads that promote prohibited goods, services or activities, and promoting them is in accordance with all applicable laws of jurisdiction to which Advertiser Site and/or Campaign is concerned (e.g. laws regulating services and products like alcohol, tobacco, drugs, etc.).

  • Auto-Downloads of software / apps are not permitted. Your account may be suspended if found on your running campaigns!

  • Copyright infringement. You cannot use marketing material (trademarks, images, banners, pages or texts) if we receive a DMCA claim to those materials.

  • Fake virus, "scan alerts" or "technical support" ads are strictly forbidden. Claiming a visitor has a virus or falsely scanning the visitor’s device is not permitted.

  • Landing page is not accessible. We are unable to see the landing page submitted based on your target settings.

  • Inappropriate materials. Your ads or landing page contain gratuitous displays of violence, obscene/vulgar language, or content that endorses abuse, physical harm or hate-mongering.

  • Your USING WORDS IN ALL CAPS. Ads should not make certain words stand out by doing them all in capital letters.

  • Cloaking. Using "cloaking" or other techniques to hide the true destination that users are directed to.

Ad Image

  • Not aligned with the campaign safety level

  • Low resolution or poor quality image

  • Not related to / does not match the content on the landing page

  • Inappropriate, offensive, shocking, or sexual image

  • Intellectual property rights violation

Ad Text

  • Not aligned with the campaign safety level

  • Not related to the content

  • Exaggerated claim

  • Grammar, spelling, or punctuation issues

  • Inappropriate, offensive, shocking, or sexual

Landing Page

  • Not aligned with the campaign safety level

  • Inappropriate, offensive, shocking, or sexual content

  • Intellectual property rights violation

  • No license, disclaimer, or proper video guidelines on landing page

  • Medical claims are not substantiate on landing page

  • Contains a noncompliant third party content recommendation platform

  • Language mismatch or grammar issues

  • Deceptive landing page practices

  • Product is noncompliant in targeted regions

  • Prohibited Product or Service

  • Political figure in item

  • Broken URL

  • Language mismatch between creative and landing page

If you still do not understand why your campaign has been rejected, feel free to contact the Support Team.

Edit Your Ad

If your ad isn't approved for not fully complying with our policies, you can edit it and resubmit for review. To edit your ad:

  1. Check the email address associated with your advertising account. If your ad doesn't get approved, we'll send you an email with details that explain why.

  2. Using the information in your disapproval email, you can edit your ad and create a compliant one.

  3. Save your edited changes. Once you save your changes, your ad will be resubmitted for review.

Please note that campaigns are continually reviewed by our staff and an active campaign can be rejected at any time. If, after approval, a campaign was modified in a way that does not follow our Guidelines, your account could be suspended or terminated depending on the severity of the violation.

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