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Create your first campaign
Create your first campaign

Learn how you can launch your first PurpleAds campaign

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Launching your first PurpleAds campaign is very easy and should not take more than 5 minutes.

Get started

1. Visit your advertiser dashboard. If you don't have an account, create a new one.
2. Click "New Campaign"

3. Fill the required campaign details:

  • Name

  • Daily budget (in $USD). The minimum required daily budget is $5

  • Sensitive content: mark your campaign in case its content includes any of the presented options. (e.g. if you campaign is going to promote diet supplements, select the "Drugs & Pharma" options". 

4. Click "Create Campaign"

5. Once you campaign is created, you need to create an ad.
6. Click the "New Ad" button.

7. In the New Ad wizard, fill the required details.

  • Ad name

  • Ad text (up to 80 characters).

  • Ad image: Required size 180x160 (250KB max) (this is the retina size, it will display as 90x80).

  • Your ad's destination URL (landing page) after clicking your ad.

  • Set your own UTM params for better tracking

Make sure your ad follows our Ad Policies

7. Once you finish, click the "Create Ad" button to submit your ad for approval.
8. All ads are being moderated manually. The process can take from 20 minutes up to a few hours.

Campaign Targeting

Your campaign targets all categories, devices and locations by default.
To change your campaign targeting:

  1. Select your campaign 

  2. Click the "Audience" tab

  3. Change your campaign targeting as you wish.

Billing Information

Even if you ad is approved, your account isn't active.
To activate your account and start running your ads, enter your billing information.

Your ad got rejected

Read the possible / common rejection reasons here.

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