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Automatic Sticky Ads

Learn how to add sticky left, right and bottom ad placements

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Sticky placements have high visibility and engagement rate and increases you website's ad performance and revenue.

Automatic ads are part of the Responsive Display Banner ad unit and code.

To start using automatic sticky ads, you first need to install the Responsive Display Banner code in your website.

Sticky without Banners

If you want to show only sticky ads without the banner
add the code in your website's <head></head> section
(make sure to delete the <div></div> part from the code)


Here what you need to do:

  1. Head over to your publisher dashboard

  2. Select your website from the list

  3. Click Responsive Display Banner

  4. Click the Options tab

  5. Toggle ON the placements you want and click Save Changes

  6. Profit!

We highly recommend that you update your ads.txt lines for better demand and revenue.


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