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How to Show Multiple Ads on the Same Page
How to Show Multiple Ads on the Same Page
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PurpleAds currently has 3 ad formats:

  1. Floating / sticky banner (kind of in page push) with image and text (check this article). You can add 1 floating ad banner per page.

  2. Responsive display banners, with this format you can add the ad units in the place and size of your choice inside a <div> container (check this article). The responsive display banner can be added multiple times to each page (using the exact same code of the ad unit).

  3. Automatic ads - sticky placements are on the page's right/left/bottom (check this article). You can turn them on or off from the settings page of the banner format in your dashboard.

You can use all 3 ad formats together on the same page.

Note - please make sure you don't overload your site with ads - you want to keep a good user experience and to avoid being blocked (you shouldn't have more than 5-8 ads at the same time on each page).

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